Curb Impulse Buying with the “30 Day Rule”

I will have to admit – I’m a people watcher.  I love to sit and watch people and see what outfits they have on.  I tend to covet certain items that other people have – sort of like when you are out shopping and someone picks up an item, I just have to watch them […]

Finding A Dentist Can Be A Real Headache…

When people think about cutting costs, one of the first things that might go is dental insurance.  I should be honest, I do not have dental insurance even though my employer provides it ($41.36/month for an individual and $120.21/month for a family is the current rate from my employer).  It did not make sense for […]

Cost of owning a pet

People have said that owning a pet before having children is a good learning experience to see if you will be able to handle the responsibility of children.  I agree with this concept and think that owning a pet is a HUGE responsibility (those of you with children are probably laughing to yourselves and thinking “boy, […]

Find a bank that fits you

Reading the news lately makes me a little uneasy about the world of debit cards… how can J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America justify putting a cap on spending limits at $50 or $100?  Its that even possible to implement?  How would capping our spending even benefit them?  It looks like under the new […]

Tis’ the season when you are everyone’s new best friend

It’s tax season with about about month left before taxes are due and its the time of the year when all of my “friends” come out of the woodwork with questions.  I do not mind being their go-to-person, but it cracks me up that some of their questions pertain to items that are above their […]

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