Financial Blogging Conference 2011 (aka #fincon11)

I am thrilled that I was part of the first ever Financial Blogging conference in the United States!  As much as I am a “new” blogger, I’m very happy that I jumped at the chance to be part of the conference back in April.  I was not sure how I felt about attending as the weekend approached though.  To be honest, I thought I might be viewed as an outsider because I do not consider myself a true blogger. In reality, I am a blogger since you are obviously reading my blog “The Financialite” right now but I do not blog as frequently as my peers.  I do not blog as much as I should because my focus has never been to do this full time.  The goal of this blog has always been to connect and engage other likeminded financially conscious individuals.  My goal is not to give you any coupons, limited time offers or ebooks available on my blog… It’s just not me.  My goal is merely to help others around me become financially conscious of their decisions.

In real life, I plan to take over my family’s consulting practice which focuses on accounting and income tax preparation.  I have been working in my family’s office since I could figure out the copier and have been engrossed in preparing returns ever since.  While I truly think my family’s practice is topnotch, I realize that there is a generation gap between who are clients are and who I want them to be.  I’m in that 20-35 age group and am actively targeting that market because I can relate to it.  I developed The Financialite around that idea to speak directly to the internet savvy, technology focused generation.  We are the generation who wants to achieve things, who want to start our own businesses and make our mark in this world.  We are full of ideas and the creativity to get results to achieve those ideas.  I’m here to help with the financial aspect of getting people to achieve those results.

Being at the conference has giving me the motivation to define what I want this blog to be about and what direction I need to move in to get myself there.  The conference to me was about meeting the faces behind the names that I have been talking to for the last year which might I add was somewhat eye opening.  Some bloggers that I was thrilled to meet disappointed me in person and others blew me away.  It allowed me to meet bloggers who I had not had the opportunity to discover yet and toss ideas around with.  It opened doors to relationships that I know will be mutually beneficial and will be supportive through the development of both of our blogs.  That alone was worth the trip!  Thank you to all that I met and connected with.  You are all inspirational in your own unique ways and I hope to continue those friendships throughout the blog-o-sphere!  Please check back frequently as my blog continues to grow :)

Here are some of my favorite bloggers at the conference…

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to attend the conference too. And I share your reasons for only blogging part time or when I can. Real life responsibilities are more important.

    I’m new to the blogging world too, but meeting all the wonderful people was totally worth the trip.

    Can’t wait to see you again soon! Keep on blogging 😀
    Carrie – Careful Cents recently posted..The Power of Community

  2. @Carrie – real life responsibilities are way more important than online in my eyes, but I hate to neglect my blog for too long! Just hard to tell your friends that you have to skip out on dinner tonight to finish up a post on XYZ.. they look at you funny and tell you to get a life :)

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  4. I think most bloggers aren’t full time bloggers and they might have the same thoughts as you. Even the bloggers that give you coupons and limited ebook offers, they might not see themselves as true bloggers.
    Allen recently posted..Gmail Backup Software

  5. Allen – you are right and I’m not comparing myself to any of the bloggers who do give coupons and limited ebook offers! That is their priority and I love it, its just not me :)

  6. It looks like you have a wonderful time there. How I wish I can be part of that event too. I’m very happy for you.
    Richie Smith recently posted..How do i win the lottery?

  7. Just looking at you there in the conference makes me wish that someday I can attend conference in your country someday. Make new friends from the other side of the world.
    eulagirl recently posted..Free Data Storage

  8. I heard so many great thing about FINCON.. So sad that I such a great conference.. I really hope I can attend next year.. Thanks for sharing your experience there!
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  10. Seems you guys had a lot of fun there. :)
    Anna recently posted..I Want My Ex Back

  11. congratulations on the success of your first ever conference! :)
    Wella M. recently posted..Trouble Getting Pregnant

  12. Being part of the first Financial Blogging Conference is really am a wonderful experience. I really appreciate the information you shared here and I love the picture
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  13. FINCON really is a very great conferences.. You will learn so much about them.. Thanks for this great post!
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  14. I’m so glad you decided to attend the conference too. And I share your reasons for only blogging part time or when I can. Real life responsibilities are more important. | 😛
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  15. I wish I will also have the chance to join such conferences. It’s very interesting that I will surely love to attend.
    Isabella recently posted..Trouble Conceiving

  16. Hi Trish,
    I was just going through all the businessmen cards I had collected during #FinCon11 and loved yours. Do you remember what company you used to order them through? I really liked the finish product.

  17. Sofia – yes! Victor at is the best to work with! Check out his website and email him for a sample package as well, tell him that Trish gave you his contact information. You will be thankful that you went to him!

  18. would love to attend a conference too. i know there’s a lot of interesting people to meet and you will learn a lot from them.
    Janis recently posted..Getting Pregnant Quick

  19. Nice blog .. And nice articles . Thanks for sharing ..
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  20. Looks like it a lot of fun.. I was in a conference a loooong time ago, and the knowledge you gain from it is really priceless.
    sandraw2580 recently posted..test for accountant

  21. Bob was there last year, and I’ll be there with him this year! Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to learn from everyone who goes!

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