The Great Winter Boot Debate

I wasn’t lying when I said I had a lot of shoes in last week’s post but the real debate over my shoe collection came this week when my boyfriend asked me why I was buying a new pair of Uggs to replace my old pair.  He wanted to know why I needed to buy new Uggs when I had perfectly good rain boots.  (read: he dislikes Uggs and finds them ugly which I cannot deny BUT they are so comfy!)

Let me explain something to you about my boyfriend: he has about 15 pairs of sneakers, he tells me that each pair goes with a different outfit, yet every day he wears jeans and a hoodie.  I cannot fathom why me having two pairs of winter boots is foreign to him but multiple sneakers for slight variations on one outfit is fine.  I would appreciate your input on what you would do in this situation because this should be a hands down win for me!

My reasoning behind having two different pairs of winter boots is this…

I wear my Uggs (or any other wintery boots for the sake of the debate) when it is cold out but I wear my rain boots when there is some sort of nasty weather going on in Boston.  They clearly have different purposes and it seems logical to me to have two pair but he still does NOT get it.  He thinks that I should be able to wear my rain boots all the time and not spend the extra money on replacing my Uggs.  I completely understand where he is coming from with spending the extra money but having two pairs with each serving a different purpose is a valid purchase in my book.   Am I wrong?

Here is the cost breakdown in my eyes:

My current Uggs are about 7 years old and they look it. They have been weather-proofed every year and I replaced the insoles in them last winter.  I love them and generally wear them all winter long.  I am especially thankful that I have them when I have to stand outside for multiple periods throughout the day waiting for our wonderful MBTA public transportation in Boston.  (When my feet are warm though, I really cannot complain.)  I probably spent $100 on these Uggs 7 years ago and about $35 for the insoles and treatment kit, so that is about $19/year for those boots.  Not a bad deal over the years… and I would without a doubt say that I got my monies worth on those boots!  In addition, the new pair that I found were on sale at City Sports for $105 from $140, so I felt obligated to buy them since they are on sale :)

My rain boots are about 1 year old and I love them!  I felt like a dork buying them because I’m over the age of seven but they were the best purchase I made last winter.  I was living in Beacon Hill and the street was beautiful but in any sort of inclement weather it was hazardous to walk anywhere unless you had the right shoes on.  I would walk out of my apartment and straight into a current of rain/slush that whipped down the hill that I was living on.  At the suggestion of my roommate (a resident of Beacon Hill for the last 3 years) I took the plunge and bought a pair of rain boots.

She previously went through 3 different brands before finally dishing out the cash for a pair of these pricey Hunter boots BUT she was thankful that she did because they are the sturdiest thing on the block.  After taking her advice I’d have to agree with her!  I think in total I spent about $155 (boots and the fleece Welly socks) which is about $78/year and will decrease to $52/year the following year, etc. – the savings is in how long that you can actually keep the boots.

With that being said, I think both of these boots are great options and were a good fit for me.  Others might have chosen to purchase similar boots but I’d love to know if cost is a deterrent for you when making a purchase or do you think about the long-term benefits of the purchase?  Please fill me in on your opinion and let me know if I have won this debate with my boyfriend!

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  1. Well written and the idea of getting your money’s worth can apply to anything. Whether it’s clothes or a big screen tv – how long do you plan on having it??? And is the money worth it over that amount of time – definitely a great way to look at things when budgeting out for purchases!

  2. Two clear purposes-
    1. Rain Boots are for when it rains, mostly in Spring and Fall time type of weather because they have absolutely no warmth!
    2. Uggs keep our feet warm and the likelihood of NOT wearing wintery boots in the Winter is very UNLIKELY!

    My current debate, buying another pair of rubbery, sturdy, ugly, wintery boots that won’t be damaged by this awful snow!

  3. I have a pair of Uggs, but they were a handmedown from a friend who was getting rid of everything. She was moving across the country and had no need for boots like them.

    So, in addition to my Uggs, which I wear around the house a lot and out sometimes, I have 2 pairs of Totes boots that my mom likes to call “mom boots” because they’re more function than style. But they get the job done. This is where my boyfriend gets annoyed. I have 2 pairs. One I got one winter, then I got another pair the following winter. The first pair should probably be donated or tossed, since I don’t think they keep feet as dry or warm as the second pair. But I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

    I also have a pair of hunter boots, but they don’t have a lot of traction on the bottom, which makes them tricky for the icy streets and sidewalks. Though I do have the added liners that help keep my feet warm so I can wear them in the winter.
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  4. I agree with your boyfriend that Uggs are Ugly, hence the name. However, from a budgeting standpoint, it would make perfect sense to get the best bang for your buck with whatever you purchase.

    I think the big issue here is that Uggs, in my opinion, are more of a fashion trend and the functionality comes second. Cheaper boots can be purchased if the goal is to keep your feet warm in times of snow (it also helps to have a good pair of socks). They may not look as nice but general rule of thumb is that Form follows Function.

    Rain boots clearly serve a purpose first and foremost, they protect your feet from water/snow/sleet/etc. The fashion is secondary, and also just as ugly as Uggs, assuming that they have polka dots and other children’s designs!

    Disclaimer: I recently ruined my fiance’s Uggs and purchased a new pair for her this past holiday. Clearly budgeting was not as important as making her happy!

  5. I am a devoted, year ’round Hunter wellie wearer. After years, they show no wear and were well worth the money. From snow and rainstorms to exploring the shore in warmer months, they’re basically perfect. And yes, they’re hideous, but I am finally learning that sometimes function does trump fashion. Sometimes.

  6. Function should always trump fashion!! I am also a year round Hunter wellie wearer and they seem more functional than my Uggs, but in the winter I love my Uggs to drive to work in. They just keep me so warm!!

  7. i think what’s important is that you are comfortable when you are wearing it. that’s what i look first when i buy a new pair of shoes.
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  8. Exactly! I also wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on a pair of boots if they were not comfortable to wear.. then it would seem like a waste of money just to make a fashion statement!!

  9. same here! i don’t buy because of how it looks or because it is fashionable, i would rather buy simple yet more comfortable. because i have experience wearing a nice pair of boots but then after a few hours my feet hurts eehh!
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