Finding A Dentist Can Be A Real Headache…

When people think about cutting costs, one of the first things that might go is dental insurance.  I should be honest, I do not have dental insurance even though my employer provides it ($41.36/month for an individual and $120.21/month for a family is the current rate from my employer).  It did not make sense for […]

Are You Getting The Best Deal on Your Auto Insurance??

As I sit at work I can hear my new coworker, recently relocated to Massachusetts, randomly calling insurance agencies in the Boston area looking to insure her car. Realizing that she does not know anyone in the area I decide to give her my insurance guy’s information to help her out. As I approach her […]

How Much Is Your Car Payment REALLY?

I recently purchased my first car and the process was a bit overwhelming. I am quite shocked at how much everything costs and it made me think about what it really costs to operate the shiny status symbol sitting in my driveway? The answer might be comprised of: a car/lease payment, insurance, gas, tickets, parking, […]

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