To Buy Generic or Not?

This is a question that is often asked and debated – would you buy a generic item over a brand name item just because its cheaper? Not all generic or store brands are created equal and not all brand name items stand up to their hype.  When everyone is looking to cut corners, including their […]

Are Business Cards Passe?

I went to an event this past weekend with a local group of bloggers called Boston Bloggers.  I had not formally met most of the girls, but knew their blogs well as I have been following each of them for a while.  The event was at Howl at the Moon which is a new hot-spot in Boston that is […]

Home-Office Organization with Farnoosh Torabi

I feel like January is a great time for New Years Resolutions – get in shape, eat healthy, stay on-top of your finances, etc. but we all know that those generally fall by the wayside once February rolls around.  For me, the gym seems like a hassle to go to, fast food is tempting when […]

Confessions of a Clothes Hoarder..

I went to a Catholic high school and enjoyed my days in a plaid skirt and oxford shirt but when I went to college my wardrobe expanded immensely. I’m not sure how it happened but I started to love clothes and accessories! I literally bought anything and everything that looked good on me – until […]

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