Find a bank that fits you

Reading the news lately makes me a little uneasy about the world of debit cards… how can J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America justify putting a cap on spending limits at $50 or $100?  Its that even possible to implement?  How would capping our spending even benefit them?  It looks like under the new […]

Losing Your Wallet Can Make You Lose Your Mind..

A friend of mine recently lost her wallet and it made me realize just how painfully annoying that can be emotionally and physically.  In her case, her wallet was actually stolen from her at a bar in Boston and someone used her credit cards to run up bills of a couple thousand dollars in less […]

Is balancing your checkbook an out-dated process?

Is balancing your checkbook an out-dated process?  Does anyone actually do this anymore?  Balancing a checkbook is something that I remember my parents diligently doing when I was a child.  I can remember some Sunday nights when my father would sit down with all the bills, the checkbook registers and the bank statements to make sure everything balanced to the […]

Really Big/Expensive/You Cannot Go Another Day Without It?

Many of us spend the last few days before a paycheck pondering how we will be able to make it to the next payday without overdrawing our bank accounts … the sick feeling that you know this entire paycheck is going to pay off all the stuff (that new pair of shoes, ipod and dinner […]

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