The Boston Marathon is INSPIRING!

Every April one of the largest running events in Massachusetts happens – it’s the annual running of the Boston Marathon.  This race is 26.2 miles from Hopkinton, Massachusetts to Boston, MA.  When I was a little kid, my parents would walk my brothers and I down to the center of our town to cheer on all the runners as they passed through on their run into Boston.  I never understood the extent of actually running the marathon because the people were always “old” in my childhood, but now I have lots of friends and colleagues that have participated over the years and it makes me wonder how on earth they would want to do it!  Running to me seems like a drag – you actually want me to put on athletic shoes and run around the streets of Boston?  I’m kidding… I actually ran track in high school and enjoyed running.  Enjoyed was the key word of that sentence.  Now in my late twenties, I am far from my two miler running days and sprinting the 4×1 and/or 4×4 with my high school friends, but the urge to run is still instilled me.  Should I join a gym and run on the treadmill?  Should I take the dog out for a run after work?  Should I sign up for a 5K?  What should I do?

Ever heard of a running club?  Boston is home to many running clubs and what a way to get some exercise, make new friends and NOT spend a ton of money on a membership.  I did a little research and thought it would be fun to share with you in the spirit of marathon season.  Check out these local running clubs that I found in the Boston area:

Cambridge Running Club – $120/year

Community Running – $120/year

The Greater Boston Track Club – $60/year

L Street Running Club of South Boston – $45/year

Please note: a listing of all Massachusetts Running Clubs

For the cost of $10/month or less, I could join one of these fabulous running clubs in Boston and start exercising again.  Is anyone currently a part of one of these running clubs?  Or want to join one with me?  I’d love the motivation of a running friend :)

2 Responses to “The Boston Marathon is INSPIRING!”

  1. I need a running buddy and will run with you. I have an upcoming half and need all the help I can get. I did sign up for the Charles River Series (5 races from May-Sept) which you might be interested in!

  2. I looked into the clubs you listed, because I think it’s an interesting idea… the result, I am seriously intimidated by the amount of miles being run! Maybe I’ll start my own club, “The Lazy Legs of Metro West” with runs between 1 and 6 miles.

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